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The History of Rezealiant Living

Nuriche Founder ChrisRezealiant Living has an awesome history. Uri LeBaron, a master formulator in the nutritional industry, provided organic dried fruit and vegetable powders for many popular nutritional companies still in business today. In 2002 he started Uri International and at it’s high point had over 28,000 customers purchasing his whole food powders. In 2009 the company became Nuriche. I started with Uri International and them became a member of the Nuriche Founders. Nuriche launched with two products called Live and Revive and then the rest of Uri’s line became known as Nuriche Naturals.

Now the company is known as Rezealiant Living and is featuring it’s flagship product, The Premium Feast. What makes this product line so unique is the drying process. Most processes involve heat. Heat to the point it kills the enzymes within the fruit and veggies. Uri’s process dries the raw products below the enzymatic kill point offering a nutritional delivery system second to none.

It’s all about the products. I know this because in all of my years representing this product line, around 3 years ago, during our last transition, the product line continued to sell though there was no business opportunity attached. And in fact when I hold meetings, all I talk about are the products. They sell themselves. We also have one of the highest customer retention rates in this industry. No Hype.

My business model is simple. Get on the product. Love the results. Become an independent business owner. Tell others about your experience with the product. Get your product for free. Then work for the car payment. Then build wealth. Simple. With that said, don’t ask me about the business side if you have not tried the product.


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