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Kathy’s Rezealiant Living Story

Our Story, by Kathy My father came to the US from Sweden and died from kidney failure when I was just two years old. It turns out the kidney disease was genetic. My kidneys failed in 2002 and I had to go on Dialysis. My sister went through the same thing and eventually received a kidney transplant, which failed after a few years. She died waiting for her second transplant. …Read More

The History of Rezealiant Living

Rezealiant Living has an awesome history. Uri LeBaron, a master formulator in the nutritional industry, provided organic dried fruit and vegetable powders for many popular nutritional companies still in business today. In 2002 he started Uri International and at it’s high point had over 28,000 customers purchasing his whole food powders. In 2009 the company became Nuriche. I started with Uri International and them became a member of the Nuriche …Read More