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Kathy’s Rezealiant Living Story

Rezealiant Living LathyOur Story, by Kathy

My father came to the US from Sweden and died from kidney failure when I was just two years old. It turns out the kidney disease was genetic. My kidneys failed in 2002 and I had to go on Dialysis. My sister went through the same thing and eventually received a kidney transplant, which failed after a few years. She died waiting for her second transplant. When I was on dialysis for 2 years I had to balance my diet, eating as many whole foods as I could. I noticed my tests were better when my diet was pure.

In 2005 I was blessed with a new kidney and placed on a lifetime of anti-rejection medications. Chris knew I was looking for a Whole Food product to balance my diet as my tests are always great when I eat whole foods.

We tried many nutritional supplements. Most were liquid nutritional supplements. One product we liked went out of business due to its business ethics. One got in trouble for making health claims and another was just not a good value for our dollar.

A friend of ours introduced us to The Feast in 2006. We researched the manufacturing process and toured the Rezealiant facility in Utah, meeting Uri LeBaron in the process.

As we took The Feast over the months and added other Rezealiant products to our daily regimen, my kidney testing was responding well which could have been the product or God but who am I to guess. Chris became so sold on the product and the company that he jumped in feet first to build a business.

Chris does not go into a new business lightly. Chris, upon learning there was a network marketing opportunity distributing The Feast and the other Rezealiant Products, stood back to take an even longer look at the company. Chris used to work as a fraud investigator so he is very cautious about business opportunities.

Chris has a track record in creating multi- million dollar sales organizations. He has built sales organizations for Motorola, Ford Motor Company and Darden Restaurants. Chris has also started and successfully sold 5 companies which thrived from internet sales and marketing. Chris is currently the VP of Marketing of an internet sales company and is a shareholder in 5 other technology and transportation based companies. Chris is taking a step back from his other businesses to work with our partners and focus on our Rezealiant Living Business Builders.

My point is this…

We take The Premium Feast and other Rezealiant Living products every day.

Our quality of life is improving.

Our residual retirement income is growing.

We share this Whole Food product with everyone we come in contact with.

We are committed to your health and showing you how to build your business should you choose to be more then a great customer.

The History of Rezealiant Living

Nuriche Founder ChrisRezealiant Living has an awesome history. Uri LeBaron, a master formulator in the nutritional industry, provided organic dried fruit and vegetable powders for many popular nutritional companies still in business today. In 2002 he started Uri International and at it’s high point had over 28,000 customers purchasing his whole food powders. In 2009 the company became Nuriche. I started with Uri International and them became a member of the Nuriche Founders. Nuriche launched with two products called Live and Revive and then the rest of Uri’s line became known as Nuriche Naturals.

Now the company is known as Rezealiant Living and is featuring it’s flagship product, The Premium Feast. What makes this product line so unique is the drying process. Most processes involve heat. Heat to the point it kills the enzymes within the fruit and veggies. Uri’s process dries the raw products below the enzymatic kill point offering a nutritional delivery system second to none.

It’s all about the products. I know this because in all of my years representing this product line, around 3 years ago, during our last transition, the product line continued to sell though there was no business opportunity attached. And in fact when I hold meetings, all I talk about are the products. They sell themselves. We also have one of the highest customer retention rates in this industry. No Hype.

My business model is simple. Get on the product. Love the results. Become an independent business owner. Tell others about your experience with the product. Get your product for free. Then work for the car payment. Then build wealth. Simple. With that said, don’t ask me about the business side if you have not tried the product.